SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling

My first longer post will actually not cover Wi-Fi but it will start with IT security….

Last week I attended the SANS SEC 504 training.
Course description can be found here:

This was my second SANS training so far and I enjoyed it immensely. The knowledge density was so high, that it was hard to follow and digest all of it. But the goal of the training is not to make sure that all the information is internalized by all attendees, but that the concept and techniques are sufficiently understood.
More work to master the knowledge is needed after the course ends.

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this blog is all about advancing my 802.11 knowledge and teaching others.

For 10+ years I have been working for WLAN Client manufacturers in the medical industry. This blog is all about the challenges of implementing demanding clients into enterprise networks and testing those clients to perform as flawlessly as possible.

And I will throw in some security topics as well. Just because I like to  😉