SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling

My first longer post will actually not cover Wi-Fi but it will start with IT security….

Last week I attended the SANS SEC 504 training.
Course description can be found here:

This was my second SANS training so far and I enjoyed it immensely. The knowledge density was so high, that it was hard to follow and digest all of it. But the goal of the training is not to make sure that all the information is internalized by all attendees, but that the concept and techniques are sufficiently understood.
More work to master the knowledge is needed after the course ends.

One of the most fun things of this event was the CTF event NetWars Core. A place where 50+ people compete in the same hacking challenge to gather the most points. A challenge that covers all kinds of aspects of security, hacking, forensics  and incident response.
Despite this being my first attempt at the challenge I was fortunate enough to win the team event first time trying 😉  And a new shiny Netwars Coin is mine !

In addition to the NetWars event which was fully optional, the course itself hosted a CTF event for course attendees which was more closely related to the course content. Although the scope was different this CTF was no less interesting and exciting. My teammate Chris and I managed to finish this event first which earned us another shiny coin 😉

Not bad for a first time attendee of CTF event(s). At least I am somewhat proud, although I know that this is just ‘beginner’ stuff …


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